About us

Our bike story started way back in the eighties with motocross through mopeds and later on a journey across the USA on a Harley. The love for vehicles have always been there. We started out with a bunch of bobber builds witch was and still are pretty cool. But the Cafe styled bikes was more appealing and the style around it was more spot on.

Why build on Sportsters? The beautifully engineered bikes from Harley Davidson have I would say some Swedish heritage. Back in the 19th century a forth of the Swedish population emigrated from Sweden due to bad times and poverty. Many of them ended up in the north east of the U.S. since it was the same climate and it was possible to grow the same vegetables there. So some Scandinavian influences should have run over the floors of the Harley factory in Milwaukee. So now the circle closes when the sportsters comes back to Sweden and get a new design.

The Sportster have evolved over the years and offers a great feeling. They might not have the best brakes nor most equipment, it’s the feeling that’s makes it such a nice bike. We are combining the cafe style with the feeling and sound from the Harley’s. And we are creating a machine that loves to be challenged on the roads. The design of the parts are done in house and so is most of the fabrication. The bikes are custom made after the wishes and demands from the customer. Usually our client are bringing their own bikes, we always help out with the search for a good donor bike. We are also offering some of our parts in our web shop.

We are located in the beautiful town Motala in between of Gothenburg and Stockholm. The town is known to be the Swedish Industrial cradle and some amazing things have been produced here among the Naval ram to Capten Nemos ship Nautilus.